SecMet specialises in providing comprehensive metallurgical and quality engineering services to industry in South Africa and internationally.

These services are provided through a team of experienced, well-qualified and highly motivated metallurgical engineers and inspectors. The engineers are active in the petrochemical, power generation, mining, paper, manufacturing, construction and legal sectors. The head office is based in Secunda and includes a well-equipped laboratory.

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Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion Engineering

Materials selection. Monitoring and coating systems for corrosion mitigation. Material compatibility and suitability assessments.

Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering

Optimisation and development of welding techniques and procedures. Welder qualification and weld configuration testing.

Plant Integrity Assessment / RBI

Plant Integrity Assessment / RBI

Fitness-For-Service and remaining life assessments of damaged components. On-site replication and condition assessments.

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Welding and coating inspections. Witnessing. Compliance verification of fabricated and heat treated pressure vessels.

Materials testing

Materials Testing

Assessment of physical, mechanical and microstructure properties of materials. Determination of Creep properties of service exposed material.

Failure Analysis Engineering

Failure Analysis Engineering

Forensic failure investigations to determine remedial action and/or liability. Root cause analyses. Reconstruction of sequence of events.

Heat Treatment Services

Heat Treatment Services

Development of heat treatment procedures to ASME and EN ISO requirements. On-site post weld heat treatment. Evaluation of non-compliant production PWHT procedures


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